Dark side of one happy mind

Some people suffer from depression and many don’t. But there are people who are sad,upset or depressed but have not gone into depression. These people are happy with a dark side.

One of friend is one such person. She is from a well to do family and is the only child. Her parents fights everyday on everything. Sometimes these arguments get violent. Sometimes her mother is at fault, sometimes her father is , and sometimes the communication is just off between them.Their issue can be solved if they want to . My friend has seen this since her childhood. She has witnessed a broken marriage , fights , screams and wounds.

Did she try solving the issue? Yes, but it didn’t help as her parents didn’t want to co-operate.

Does she not want a normal family? Yes,she does. But she is not getting it from her parents.So, she is determined to find a “normal family” in future-that is- when she finally meets a guy worthy of her love, she wont let anything go wrong in the family she will create with him.

My friend – She is a 25 year old who is giving her best in career, who is independent, who is a feminist, who is a good friend and who is constantly searching for her “normal family”.

Yes, there are days when she doesn’t even want to get up from bed , when she wants to scream. But believe me, she is just another girl who loves to shop , to eat , who knows to have fun. She is just another person looking for her “happily ever after”.



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