That mushy love

       ” You can’t comprehend the meaning of soul mate as an adult unless you’ll go back in time and reminisce the joy that you’ve felt when you where still young with your first love, your childhood sweetheart.”

I have a cousin of 17 years. She has taken a fancy to a boy. Fortunately, her crush likes her back and asked her out. She came to me for advice and I suggested to give it a try.

Ah!childhood romance and its euphoria.

1. Many are unlucky that they never asked their crush out or worse , the other person did not reciprocate those feelings or been a part of a love triangle😛 . It gives you a much needed lesson on rejection .

2. Back then we mostly thought its the duty of the guy to take the first step and if the guy is not interested , the relation never begins. Later we realise whats with the waiting? Like someone , express it.

3. It shows how life changes and how hope keeps us going. My sister and her boyfriend may not have a future together. They may move to different cities for college in a few months. No matter how bleak the future may seem, people give it a go and think about “happily ever after”.That’s the innocence.

4. Childhood romance is always a bittersweet experience .Few marry their childhood sweetheart. Many break up. Few stay in touch after break-up and see each other grow and realise it was never meant to be. For many ,its too hurtful to be in contact.

So with all the odds, I still suggested my cousin to give it a try. Why? Because she needs to feel the feels – the innocence, the “aww factor”, the “hiding from everyone about it”,the first kiss,the first dance, the first dressing good for him/her, the first low budget date, the first fight, the “it should not affect my studies”, the discussing about him/her with friends, the brutality of expecting too much from anyone and the strength she will derive from it.

Whether its a happy ending or not, she will know better .



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