Why I love my Boyfriend

Hello folks.
Long time , no see
26th Jul is my special some one’s birthday.
And I thought I would write why I love this guy and I know its cheesy .

So here goes the list:

  1. Because hugging him is the cosiest thing ever
  2. Because he is a foodie. A bengali girl always admires this trait
  3. And he is a great cook. Alu dum posto and manglorean pork are his speciality.
  4. Because he thinks he has become John Abraham by just going to gym for a day
  5. Because his tummy is my punch bag
  6. Because he has a elaborate hair routine- funniest thing you can see every morning
  7. Because he talks nonsense and I get irritaed
  8. Because he doesnt pull chairs and hold doors for me but when I am in great pain(I have AS) , he nurses me back to health
  9. Because he is my IT -career counselor (IT is a bitch !!!!!)
  10. Because he would try and talk to my parents in bengali though he sucks at it(oopsies)
  11. Because despite all the hiccups, we have been in love( the start of this relationship was very weird, you should know)
  12. Because we never judged any book by its cover

Big love to you .:)IMG_20150510_144541