Mindful chit-chat

Well , I have left my project and am not going to office. As much I enjoy not going to office , I miss those friendly banter with my office mates.

Yes,I love gossiping. But I don’t take part in gossips which I don’t think are appropriate. Well by my standards, a lot of so-called normal gossips are not appropriate.

I remember a girl joined in our office in a different department. She dressed well and she used make up . The guys in my department kept commenting on her make up ,on her choice of red lipstick ; I kept hearing “I don’t like girls putting make up.Its so fake”. Now I completely understand you want a girl with “natural” beauty and charm and you don’t like some one using makeup but that has not given you any right to comment on some one who loves it. I mean she didn’t dress up to impress you and other people or she was not using your money to buy those makeup so please swallow your opinion and never say them loud.

I have also heard people(men &women) in my office commenting on woman’s attire. It varies from color of the attire to their likeness of the attire. Its time to grow up and let people wear what they want to. If they are following the office dress code then no one is entitled to say a word. As long as people are wearing according to the occasion , others should not be commenting.

Last but not the least, being a fat woman is this world is so difficult. I am on the heavy side and yes, I am not good-looking according to beauty standards. People judge you if you wear something short ; they judge if you wear something covering your problem areas. And there are so many articles on how to hide your problem areas. Do they even think that there is a possibility that a fat woman does not want to hide any problem areas and feel normal. Oh yes! fat people judge other fat people for being fat. (haha)

What a world we live in. Gossiping is fine but consider other people’s feelings. Live and let live , people. PEACE!!!