If I am to advise my college juniors .

(Assuming , I am standing on a podium surrounded by students)

Hello ,

When I was in this college, I was not brainy or famous or pretty(not yet!) or talented . I was just a bespectacled girl who had only three friends and sat on first or second bench in her classes. I passed with an average of 7.3 CGPA and bunked a lot of morning classes. Sometimes I just got 5 out of 50 in internal papers.

I am sure many of you share my experience. Many of you have a fear of what future holds or you often feel that you are not valuable enough.

What I want you all to know is- you are leading a quite life in college then do that ; you are famous and everyone knows you then gain more fame ; you only have a small group of friends then keep this group close to your heart as the friendships you make here are for life; you are talented then showcase it -you may fail ( there may be someone better or it may be just college politics) but at least try; you only mug up and pass exams with flying colours then continue that and don’t listen to the haters; you understand few subjects and sleep during other classes -its OK.

Its OK. I have one advice- don’t be scared of college, future, new people, new place or getting lost in the crowd because you will leave a mark in few people’s lives. Do what you are comfortable with.

Most of you want a job after you complete your 4 years of engineering. During campus placement, all you need to do is pass in all the subjects till your 6th semester, show up on the interview day and put your best foot forward .Rest is luck , whether you like it or not.

Maybe the statement ” pass in all the subjects” contradicts with everything else I said before but I will explain. Like I said , I used to bunk college and fail in few internals. But I always made up for those low scores during final exams. Sometimes I just passed.Sometimes I passed with A or B grade.

All I am saying – don’t be matured always ( its impossible) , just act responsibly sometimes.

P.S- From my class, many didn’t get a job soon after graduation , many aren’t satisfied with their new jobs, but everyone is happy . Happiness does mean good money, good job , good grades but even if you don’t have that you can be happy about the experiences you gained, friends you made, hostel fun you have, tight budget trips you take.

Thank you😊